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Hi, I’m Dani. And I’m Starting a Spiritual Journey.

Hi there spiritual seeker. Welcome to my brand new website where I will be focusing my blogs and videos on the following 3 topics:  
    • Spirituality
    • Self Care
  • Mental Health
If you’re interested in starting your own spiritual journey, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve been following me at all through my other passion projects / businesses (Therapy Threads and Self Care Club) you’ll be somewhat familiar with who I am, my story and what I’m all about. For those of you who have just stumbled upon this blog now–no worries–I’d love to introduce myself! Hi. I’m Dani and I’m starting a blog and social media official spiritual journey. I’m 29 years old and I’m a therapist, entrepreneur and future stepmom. I have a messy history of complex trauma that started from a young age. It involves a lot of bad things.. like childhood sexual abuse, bullying, sexual assault, and domestic violence. Eek. (More on all of that later). I completed my undergrad in Social Work in 2011 at the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!) and my masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2013. I quickly got licensed and started working as a psychotherapist (LCMFT), specializing in trauma, PTSD and mental transformations via the most amaaaaazing therapeutic treatment approach: EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). To learn more about EMDR and how it works, check out my video series on Youtube that my amazing therapist Michelle helped me film.  Shortly after I finished grad school, I started my business Therapy Threads as a small passion project – mostly as a creative outlet. We sell aromatherapy scarves, aromatherapy jewelry, mental health t-shirts and various other self care products. It’s pretty cool. We also donate part of our proceeds to mental health initiatives. From that, more recently, Self Care Club was born. It’s more of the community and philanthropic part of Therapy Threads that partners with self care related businesses to get our members discounts on products and services that help them nourish the four areas of self care: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. (Kind of like Sam’s Club, but for all things self care). But enough of plugging my other businesses 😉 Back to spirituality and why I created this blog… Once I started looking deeper into my own mental health and self care, I realized that the area that was least nourished was most definitely spiritual. I had gotten a really good self care routine in place where I rocked physical, emotional and mental self care. I was doing all the “right” things... I was helping people (via my job), running a business I felt passionate about, giving back, going to yoga/exercising, meditating, eating healthy (most days), going to both individual and couples therapy, spending time with family and friends, I had hobbies (horseback riding and painting), I took bubble baths, got enough sleep, blah blah blah… you get the point. AND if that wasn’t enough—as the big dollop of rainbow unicorn frosting plopped on top of the most amazing cake I could imagine–I was lucky enough to travel to the most amazing places! I was / am a very blessed girl! I admit it. My life was / is pretty awesome and boujee most days. But just like everyone’s life, not absolutely EVERYTHING was going right (more about that later).  I still had some major stressors and emotional challenges to overcome. However, I had enough coping skills and support in place to work through them, grow and come out stronger. Yet something still felt like it was missing in my life. I wanted to go deeper. I wanted more connection. More passion. More meaning. More peace. And deeper healing. What could possibly give me that? And then, the answer hit me like Voldemort giving me my very own lightening bolt scar. Except it was most definitely not a curse. The answer I already, deep down knew. SPIRITUALITY was the answer! I needed to work on my relationship with my higher power, including a deeper relationship with myself.  How could I not have thought of that before? I needed to go inward. I needed to focus more on my soul. More on being instead of doing. On nourishing myself spiritually. Whatever that meant; I wasn’t quite sure. But I wanted to figure it out. I wanted to do more than go to yoga twice a week and meditate for 10 minutes in the mornings (thank you Headspace!) I wanted to do a deep dive into this spiritual world I’d been avoiding for most of my life. My relationship with my higher power never felt very strong. I wanted this to change and at age 28, I was finally ready to start this path.  I started to develop a plan. I wanted to seriously start practicing all the things I knew would help me spiritually. Shifting my scarcity / fear based mindset to that of abundance and love; practicing daily self compassion; read more spiritual books; listen to more spiritually based podcasts; start having deeper conversations; meditating more; possibly start praying and start a full-fledged spiritual journey. Thus, very quickly, I came to the decision to embark on a journey to jumpstart my spiritual path. To go to a plant medicine retreat in Ecuador and take Ayahuasca (which has DMT in it, known as the spirit molecule)! So to wrap up this blog post so you can get back to scrolling instagram or daydreaming about what you’re going to eat for dinner.. 🙂  This blog is for ME. It’s for me to document my spiritual journey. It’s also for anyone who wants to start their own spiritual journey. I plan for this website to be much more raw, vulnerable and unfiltered than any blog posts (or videos) I’ve ever created before. It’s a platform for my story and voice beyond using a therapy threads or self care club filter. I’m also ALL about breaking down mental health stigma, advocating for therapy and self care practices, so this will also be a space for those topics. So be sure to check out my youtube channel AND if you’re ready to go deeper.. Deeper past the superficial bullshit of social media, fashion blogs and the normal day to day small talk, then stay tuned! Now, I’d SO love to hear from you! Have you been interested in starting a spiritual journey? Or are you already on one? I’d love to hear all about what got you started on this path and what spirituality means to you. Let me know in the comments below and I look forward to going deeper with you. Much love, self care, and gratitude. Namaste,

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