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Goodbye 2019: 6 Things to End and Begin a New Year

I love New Years, as it’s the perfect time to clear out the old, embrace the new and clarify our desires and intentions. I am filled with so many emotions at the end of this year, and the end of a decade. The past decade was literally my 20’s, and this year ended with quite the unexpected plot twist that totally turned my whole world upside down just in time for 2020 and journeying into my 30’s. Nostalgia overcomes me this time of year as well, especially now that I’m in the midst of one of the biggest grievances of my life (more on that later). But there’s one thing that’s for certain, things are always changing and we are constantly faced with the challenges and relationships that our soul needs to grow, heal and evolve to become our highest self.  

I have done an incredible amount of healing and self-work over the past decade, especially the past few years. I’ve been so proud of myself, and I hope you all are proud of yourselves, too for how far you’ve come. In my spiritual journey to self-love, I have been working intimately with healing (and integrating) the scared / sad inner child and the angry teenager inside of me. I am filled with so much love and compassion for that little girl, before I had the awareness of the beautiful spiritual path I’ve been shown. 

As a part of all of this healing and integration, I’ve been embracing the both / and – instead of the either / or. I am both so grateful for everything that’s been AND at the same time sad with nostalgia. I am both excited for the future AND terrified of the unknown. When one door closes, another opens.. I’ve been getting familiar again with my faith and trust in the Universe.. for it has a plan for me that’s so much bigger and greater than my own plans. I’ve also been getting familiar again with my playful self (my inner child / Peter Pan) where my top priority is feeling good and having fun!  Because life should be fun. Thank you Universe. And thank you to the past decade for all of the relationships, challenges, lessons, blessings, beautiful adventures, growth and memories. 

I have been inhaling the future and exhaling the past; releasing as much as I can and preparing for what’s to come. Below are a few things I love to do at the end of the year, and the beginning of a new year. And it seems even more meaningful that it’s the start of a new decade! These are great thing to do to end the year – OR beginning of the new year. 


•I like to completely clean out my phone as much as possible, including my contacts and getting rid of the ones I either don’t use anymore or don’t know who they are. 

•I clean out old text message conversations that aren’t relevant anymore, including appointm ent reminders from businesses. I also like to clean up all the apps I don’t use anymore. 

•And last but not least, I clean up my emails — deleting, responding to, or archiving them as needed. And unsubscribing from junk emails as much as I can to minimize email overload (it’s a real thing).


•I like to clean up my instagram feed to only follow people (and brands) that make me feel good. If I see posts from them that have me comparing myself or feeling bad, I’ll unfollow. 

•Same thing with my Facebook friends list. I like to delete anyone I don’t care to stay in contact with, or when I don’t know who the heck they are. Sorry, not sorry! We need to be intentional about what we consume online and on social media. 

•And while you’re at it, clean up any friends or people in your life that are toxic to you and your well being. Who are critical, judgmental, contemptuous, and who make you feel bad about yourself. 2020 and the new you has no room or tolerance for that old shit!


•I’m the opposite of a hoarder… I’m a purger. I don’t like clutter or having things around that aren’t useful to me. I have a 6 month rule, where if I haven’t used it or worn it within 6 months, I throw it out or donate it. 

•Material objects have energy and a physical weight, and the more you de-clutter your home, your drawers, your closet, your cabinets, and your garage, the lighter and freer you will feel (unless you do really struggle with hoarding). 

Purge. Get rid of all the things that have any negative energy to you. Marie Kondo has a nice recipe for this with clothes and accessories. Including all the things that aren’t useful or relevant to you anymore. (Like I said, I like to follow the 6 month rule). 

Re-organize.. Maybe even purchase some items to help you organize, like baskets, new shelves, a cabinet, drawer organizers, etc. 

Smudge! I love to smudge my home with some sage every few weeks or so to clear out any old, negative energy from each room. I go around the perimeter and each corner of the room, while calling to the Universe and my spirit guides to help me rid the energy and bring in more peace, love, harmony and protection. I even go into the basement, garage, and closets sometimes! 


This is super important to do, not just for yourself, but declaring what you want to the Universe. 

FEEL. Ask yourself: how do I want to FEEL in 2020? Our feelings create our reality, so instead of only focusing on what you want to do and accomplish, set an intention on how you want to feel and be. 

SET AN INTENTION tonight on New Years Eve, if you can. Or tomorrow on New Years day.  Write it down. Journal about it. Meditate on it. Pray about it. 

PICK A WORD. I love choosing a word to embody for the New Year. My word in 2019 was Surrender – and gosh, did I really get so many opportunities to practice and embody that, especially towards the end! This year my word is: Love. Where my main intention is to return to love and practice self-love on a daily basis.

SHARE YOUR INTENTION. It’s important to share our intentions with family, friends, our therapist, life coach, etc. to really solidify it and put it out there. To speak it out loud makes it more real, and helps others around you know what you’re focusing on, so that they can help support you and keep you accountable. 


Take aligned action. Ask yourself: how wilI I live this intention out on a daily basis? For example, my intention is to live in a state of love and in the present moment. Therefore, a daily action I am intending to take every day is to meditate. I am meditating for at least 20 minutes every day. And when my thoughts go to fear or worry throughout the day, I am mindful of them, I don’t judge them, and I bring them back to love or some better feeling. 

Daily habits and routines are key. Try to pick just one thing a day to incorporate into your daily habits and routines, and once you nail that one thing, then you can add another. 

Gratitude and Appreciation. Despite my struggles, I am overfilled with so much gratitude for being alive, healthy, and safe. I feel so blessed to have the wonderful family and support system that I do… for being there for me during my darkest times.. for not leaving and abandoning me. 

The best habit I’ve ever incorporated into my daily habits is a practice of gratitude and appreciation. I have been diving in deep to starting my day with what I’m grateful for and appreciative of, and then I even incorporate that into my meditations and journaling. And when my thoughts linger towards fear or scarcity… I gently find my way back to love and gratitude. I highly recommend for you to find a way to incorporate some form of this practice in your every day – and you will start to notice a big shift in your mood and energy. 


Being of service is huge for me, especially the older I get and further I’ve been going down my spiritual path. I believe being of service and helping others is our purpose here on this Earth. There are so many ways to be of service! 

  • Through your job (your dharma / life purpose)
  • Volunteer
  • Donate (time, money, clothes, coats to the homeless, etc.)
  • Adopt instead of shop
  • Shop sustainable and eco-friendly brands and products
  • Recycle
  • Go zero waste!
  • Stop eating meat — or cut back on eating meat and dairy products
  • Be an advocate for a cause you are passionate about
  • Advocate for mother Earth and animals
  • Help out a family member or a friend
  • Reach out to others who are struggling
  • Don’t judge; be a source of hope, love, kindness, compassion, and empathy
  • Be understanding and forgiving
  • Be kind to others 
  • Write a letter of appreciation to someone
  • Hand out hygiene kits and food to the homeless
  • Take care of, heal and be loving towards yourself – so that you don’t burn out and are able to be of service!


The way I measure my spiritual growth is by how I talk to and treat myself. ESPECIALLY when I’m in shame and a lot of deep, heavy emotions. If you judge yourself and beat yourself up on a regular basis, that must be a priority in your life to work on and do some healing with. 

Gabby Bernstein says that the best way to measure success is by how much fun you’re having. I believe the top priority in life, like Gabby believe’s, is to feel good and experience a lot of joy! Life is full of suffering and struggles, but it is also supposed to be fun. There has to be a balance. If we can find moments of joy and fun IN the suffering, then we are winning! Which means I must also prioritize relaxation, stress management, self-care, and being more positive and playful on a daily basis. 

One of my favorite ways to have fun when I’m feeling crummy is to dance and be silly and goofy by myself. And then I say, “See Universe?! I’m feeling crummy, but I’m still having a moment of fun!” And it really shows the Universe how committed you are to feeling good and raising your vibes, even when you’re struggling. 

Gabby Bernstein advocates to make a Universe Box to deliver your desires and intentions straight to source! I LOVE this idea and am doing this today with a pretty shoe box I kept. To learn more about how to make a Universe box to set your intention, read Gabby’s recent blog post here. 


Do you plan to incorporate any of these things into your New Years ritual tonight or within the beginning of 2020? Do you have any other New Years traditions that you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below and I look forward to connecting and going deeper with you. Sending you much love, self-care, and centering in 2020. Be safe out there tonight!


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