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The longest journeys are
often the most rewarding.

It was over the past year, when I was doing so much emotional and physical self care, that I realized I still wasn’t being fulfilled in the way I thought I’d be. I was running a business that I loved and felt passionately about, I had so many amazing opportunities at my feet, yet I still felt disconnected. That’s when it hit me. The need to go deeper. Deeper than the superficial bullshit I was doing before. Deeper than the clothes, hair, makeup, Instagram photos. Deeper than the day to day.

In the past, I’ve tried to seek out happiness and healing in things like food, relationships, alcohol, shopping, etc. I’ve found that these things actually move us away from love and happiness. It’s seeking a higher connection that offers a feeling of wholeness and fulfillment.

As a licensed psychotherapist and mental health advocate, I know first hand that there’s power in vulnerability. I want the deep and meaningful conversations about life. I want to talk about emotions. The ability to share my journey with others and help fight against shame and stigma is both healing and rewarding. As Brene Brown, one of my favorite role models, says: “If it doesn’t feel vulnerable, the sharing is probably not constructive.”