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8 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

8 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Unlike most tangible things or dated rites of passage, such as when you hit 30, get married, or graduate from college, having a spiritual awakening can not always be pinpointed nor understood in the moment. It can happen gradually over time, or it can happen all at once. There is no right or wrong; rather it’s a sense of remembering. 

Many people I’ve talked to in the spiritual community have reported that they had chronic illness or odd symptoms, anxiety or depression, or went through a major life event that led them to open their mind up to trying something new. This can also happen during a yoga class, a healing session, a plant medicine ceremony, or simply out in nature. 

More often than not, a spiritual awakening can be quite uncomfortable, and you may not understand what’s happening to you. If you’re reading this right now, I’ll bet you’re in that process yourself or have experienced something big. The key is to relax into the process and know that you are not alone. Think of it as an initiation. 

Here are some common signs of spiritual awakening: 

1. Things in your life begin to fall away 
A friend of mine was ready to let go of a 9 to 5 job she had because she knew she was getting underpaid and that it wasn’t serving her anymore. She also wanted to shift her focus more to healing. The week she signed up for yoga teacher training, she got laid off from her job – and there really wasn’t any logical explanation for it. She could have resisted this and questioned why this happened to her, but instead, she took a leap of faith, committed to the training, and knew this was all in divine order. So whether you lose your job, your partner, or even a specific interest you had for years, know that this is the first and most important step in the spiritual process. Things have to fall away in order to make room for the new. 

2. Your tastes change
Perhaps you used to love to go to the gym and do high-intensity workouts. And all of a sudden, you start to enjoy yoga, you prefer to walk instead of run, and you spend more time outdoors. As you begin to change, your senses awaken and your sensitivity increases; therefore you may prefer gentler practices, you may prefer to be alone more often and away from big crowds. Allow these changes to unfold naturally and notice how your body adjusts. 

3. You feel a deeper sense of connection 
Perhaps what you felt connected to before doesn’t resonate anymore. You may start to meet people in your life (who could be apart of your soul family) that resonate on a deep, deep level. You may feel more connected to your body (becoming more intuitive to what you need to eat, for example), plants and deeper truths. Be prepared that most people may not be on the same wavelength as you, so it’s OK to change your relationships to those who speak the same language. 

4. You may experience pushback from others
Just as plants grow, bloom and then die, it’s natural for us to do this process internally multiple times throughout life; yet our modern society begs to differ that there is only one death and that’s at the end of life. As you change, your family, friends, co-workers, and community may have a hard time adjusting to this new person you’re becoming and may have a hard time letting go of the old you. You don’t need to explain yourself, but it is important to have compassion and be patient. Detach yourself as you need, and keep walking ahead. 

5. New opportunities will come around
Job opportunities, relationships and even your residence may look a whole lot different than what you’ve experienced in the past. For example, maybe you’ve lived in an urban area your whole life but have a new desire to live out in the country, or maybe you find yourself attracted to different kinds of people than you were before. As our inner selves change, things around us change, too. It’s important to keep an open mind and try out these new changes. 

6. You’ll be asked to let go in your life — a lot 
If this article is any indication, you know one of the first and most crucial steps in the spiritual awakening process is to let go, let go, let go. Seriously … LET GO. This can feel emotionally very painful because you’re not just letting go of ‘things’, you’re letting go of subconscious beliefs you may have been taught as a child. So, a lot of this will arise and it can be a very sad and fearful time, but also a very beautiful and liberating time. Fear not: when you connect to your intuition, you will remain on the right path. Enlist the help of a spiritual teacher, a mentor, coach or other trusted individual who can guide you through this process. And, having a spiritual community to support you is absolutely crucial! It’s important not to do this all alone. 

7. You’ll experience synchronicity 
What is synchronicity? It’s things that may seem like a coincidence but are not. Common sychornities are: seeing 11:11 on the clock often, or other repeated numbers (2:22, 4:44, etc.), asking a question and then having your answer come to you in an odd way, such as a bird showing up, words on a billboard, a commercial on TV, or having a magical run-in with someone. Basically, synchronicity means the universe is conspiring to make something happen, and the universe usually speaks very subtly, nudging you to open up to your intuition. 

8. You’ll become more compassionate and intuitive
You may start to take things less personally, you’ll let go of your ego and be more compassionate and helpful to those around you. Your senses and intuition will also heighten, so when someone projects something onto you, for example, you have the knowledge it’s not about you – it’s about them. When we step out of our ego and look at the bigger picture, we see that everyone is working through their patterns (whether they’re aware or not) and it can be easier to let people off the hook. 

If you’re feeling confused or alone in this process, the most crucial step is to become involved in a community that gets it. The community I started, Self Care Club® is a wonderful online option, or you can regularly attend a yoga class, a spiritual course or hire a coach or teacher. We no longer live in village communities anymore so it is absolutely crucial to feel supported in this process and find your tribe!

Now, I would love to hear from you.

What was your spiritual awakening? What is happening now in your life? Where could you use support during this process? It may seem confusing, daunting, scary, or dark at times, but know this is your soul experiencing a huge upgrade so you can help others. Keep going, we’re all in this together! 

Dani Ashley

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