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It’s not about where you’ve been, it’s where you’re going.

As humans, we hunger for deeper connection and meaning. Part of my healing journey was becoming a therapist so I could gain a deeper understanding of myself and relationships. While I’ve enjoyed some pretty incredible experiences through my therapeutic and philanthropic work, I’ve always felt like something was missing. I’ve since realized that spirituality is the area in my life that I need to fulfill the most. I want to reach people who’d like to join me on my spiritual journey.

Every day is an opportunity to help someone.

I love what I do. The incredible blessing of being able to turn my passions into projects and turning the ugly into something beautiful isn’t lost on me. Take a look at what I’m up to!

There should be more emphasis in how we are being in our lives instead of what we are doing.
Dani Singer
When you welcome spirit into you life, you will know a new way of being and a life beyond your wildest dreams.
Gabby Bernstein
Our struggles don't make us bad, weak or less than others. They make us connected. They make us gentle. They make us human.
Marie Forleo
Delivering hope and healing one thread at a time.

I love to spread the love and pure bliss of aromatherapy fashion accessories and other amazing self-care products. Aromatherapy accessories are an amazing way to use essential oils on a daily basis and benefit from their healing properties. It’s an amazing coping tool to use in times of emotional distress to help relax and ground you. It’s retail therapy…that’s actually therapeutic!


Scarves, shirts and jewelry that feel as good as they look.


Fashion products and accessories designed with a healing purpose.


Fashion infused with the healing power of aromatherapy.


Choose a healing essential oil aroma that’s perfect for any mood or occasion.

Self Care Club

An online community of people who appreciate that Self Care isn’t selfish!


Give back to mental health and wellness initiatives.

In My Own Words

Join me on my journey.

Be it through my work as a psychotherapist, philanthropist, mental health advocate or by traveling the world pursuing enlightenment, every experience is just another part of the journey. Follow along as I blog about my passions, projects and travels toward a higher sense of spirituality and mindfulness.